Currently Working on:

Re-Writing Backend Server Code

Optimisation and re-writing of the current Tech-Stack to allow for a more flexible platform.

Launch User Feedback

You can add to this by contacting me via the contact page.

Level 16

Introduction to more advanced modelling techniques.

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What is next?

User Experience

Leader Boards w/ Rewards

Leader Boards will give users a chance to have a friendly competitions with each other, over a set period. After said period, the user with the highest score will win some sort of prize or boast.
User Courses

Level 10 Course - Building a Space Ship in Blender

In this course we will learn how to create an Space Ship in Blender. This course is focused on reinforcing a students knowledge about modelling.
User Courses

Level 13 Course - Origami Style Bird

In this course we will learn how to create an Origami Style bird image in Blender. This course is focused on reinforcing a students knowledge about, render, materials and modelling.
User Courses

Level 14 Course - Low Poly Sword

In this course we will learn how to create a low poly sword model in Blender. This course is focused on reinforcing a students knowledge about modelling and will be the first of a set of courses set in a fantasy world.


User Levels

Levels 16 - 40 (Intermediate Levels)

User Levels

Levels 41+ (Advanced Levels)

User Experience

More Products for the Rewards Shop

More Products will ensure that users have more choice from which to choose their rewards, that they can buy with Blender Tokens. If you have any ideas for some good products, let me know via the contact form in the contact page.

Currently considering

User Experience

QnA Forum

A QnA forum similar in nature to Stack Exchange, where users will be able to ask questions, and other users can answer. Successful answers would be rewarded with Blender Tokens.
User Experience

Live Classes

Live webinars that would be held at the same time every month that would allow students direct access to answers. This would most like be a pay for access solution, which would be more economical than a one on one lesson.

Completed Updates

First Post Launch Update - 1.0.1 - Release

Released 14/01/2022

User Courses

Mastering Material Nodes for Beginners

This course will focus on introducing beginners to the material nodes, by the end they should have a strong understanding of their use case and how to manipulate shaders for most of their needs during the beginner and intermediate levels.
Bug Fix

Fixed User Access Bug

Fixed a bug causing uses not being able to continue past Level 3
Bug Fix

Fixed Rewards Download Bug

Fixed a bug causing free downloads not being able to be download despite signing in to a free trial account.
Bug Fix

Fixed #Blank links

Fixed #Blank Links on front page
Bug Fix

Fixed A duplicate Video in Levels

One Level was showing the video from another level. This has now been fixed.

The Big ONE - 1.0.0 - Launch

Released 08/01/2022

User Levels

Finalise Level 1- 15 (Beginner Levels)

Revenue Growth

Payment Processing

Ensure payment processing works correctly for a smooth and secure checkout process
User Experience

GDRP and other Legal requirements

Ensure is compliant with its legal requirements.
User Courses

Level 1 Course - Blender for Beginners

An additional course to supplement the first few levels for Blender Tutorials
User Courses

Level 10 Course- Create a Sword in Blender

Learn and reinforce your blender modelling skill by learning how to create a simple sword.
User Levels

Create Quizzes for Level 1 - 15

Over 700 Questions to help reinforce long term memory retention of what is arguably the hardest part of the learning blender. The beginning!
User Experience

First Materials Available Rewards

An initial offering of tiled textures that users can earn as a reward for completing courses and quiz's and using their Blender Tokens.
User Experience

Limit Free Users Blender Tokens Earnings

Free users should be able to progress to level 3 and at which point they can continue to earn Blender Tokens by completing quizzes but will not be able to use them to download free assets.
User Experience

Create Icons for Achievements

Bug Fix

Mobile Responsiveness

Footer not responsive on mobile devices - FIXED Payment page responsive - FIXED Levels Quick access Bar - FIXED
User Experience

Fix Rewards Page Mobile Friendly version

Rewards page breaks on mobile phone screen sizes. Use of CSS Grid and @Media to help create a more seamless resizable page that should provide accessibility on all devices.
Revenue Growth

VDB Cloud Pack 1

VDB Cloud pack consisting of 15 different clouds that have been optimised for use in Blender (.blends included). However, can be used in any software that can open VDB.

Level Flow Re-Write - 0.7.0 - Pre Release

Released 07/09/2021

User Experience

Level Flow new Style and Function

Levels will show completion status in a nice and easy to understand layout. This layout will also future proof additional branching content, that may stray from the main level branch. (For example 2D Animation).
User Experience

First Pass of Optimisations

First pass of optimisation of the backend, as well as PHP and Ajax calls to help reduce load on server.
User Experience

Cookie Acceptance Collection

Non-necessary Cookies now will be turned off until a user accepts them. This is to be in compliance with many international laws. Such as the GDPR in Europe and the LGPD of Brazil, among others.

UX Overhaul 0.5.0 - Pre Release

Released 01/05/2021

User Experience

Virtual Currency Implementation

Allow the users to upgrade their account and make purchases using an earned virtual currency. Blender Tokens. Note: Blender Tokens & other virtual currencies cannot be purchased. They must be earned as they represent your time spent mastering Blender.
User Experience

Gamification Added

Game-like features to help facilitate the learning blender by inducing a positive emotion.
User Experience

Time Rewards Added

Time based Rewards have been added to help user accumulate points faster and encourage returning to learn Blender.
User Experience

Calendar Rewards Added

A 14 day rotating calendar reward system has been implemented to reward those who log in every day. (Final reward is a 100% coupon for rewards) - This reward is subject to change pending feedback.

Hosting Overhaul 0.4.5 - Pre Release

Released 01/04/2021

User Experience

Transferred Host Servers

Upgraded Hosting to ensure systems can handle future growth and improve user experience while learning 3D.

UX Design Settled - 0.4.0 - Pre Release

Released 01/03/2021

User Experience

Redesigned Website UI

Redesigned Website design, to not only be inspired by Blenders on UI but to help users navigate to points of interest for learning.

Completed Lv 1 - 4 0.3.0 - Pre Release

Released 01/02/2021

User Levels

Levels 1 - 4 Recorded

Recorded Levels 1 - 4 and created Subtitles .srt. These levels focus on the introductory skills that you require to use blender.
User Experience

Video Host Selected

Hosting for Video content selected based on Criteria of accessibility and security.

Foundations - 0.1.0 - Pre Release

Released 01/01/2021

Revenue Growth

Subscription Provider Selected

Selected a Subscription foundational software that will be the backbone of the service, allowing users to purchase a time period that they have access to the courses and levels to learn Blender.
User Experience

CMS and Backend Set up.

CMS (Content Management System) set up. Using WordPress for organisational reasons as well as Security Reasons. (While this may at first seem counter-intuitive) It is actually more secure & cheaper than writing a custom CMS (As It is being patched and updated irrespective of this websites development). With our small numbers we would not be able to focus on CMS updates as well as the Course Content.
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