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Keep It Simple | 4 Tips for Sculpting in Blender | Beginner Tutorial

By Hayden
 | February 10, 2022

In this tutorial, I will talk about 4 tips for ensuring you have an excellent introduction to sculpting in Blender.

Tip 1 - Keep it Simple!

It is very important to keep your polygon count low while you are blocking out your 3D sculpt. This will ensure that you can have more control over the larger shapes, which is essential when starting any artwork. (Shape and form is the most essential part of the process).

Tip 2 - Big and Bold!

Keep your sculpting brushes large. This will help you focus on the larger shapes and not be tempted to focus on the details too early.

Tip 3 - Keep moving!

To ensure that you are focusing on the whole model, be sure to continually move your camera around and switch in and out of orthographic. I see a lot of artists that stay in orthographic and wonder why their work looks different when they are viewing it in a render. (We see the world in perspective, and therefore we should model to perspective too.)

Tip 4 - Adding references

References are very important, as they give you a guide on the shape and form you require before you move on to more details.

I hope that they 4 tips help you and your sculpts. If they do, be sure to let us know via Twitter or YouTube!

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