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How to add Shape Keys via the Action Editor for Unity

By Hayden
 | February 21, 2022

In this video we will look at the process of using shape keys with the action editor.

The reason we would want to do this is so that we can use the shape keys in Unity. By default shape keys cannot be used with the action editor (As it can only be used with the Armature type object in Blender). This makes it very difficult to create actions for Unity, as the shape keys will be applied on top of all of your actions. (So there is no specific action your shape keys will be applied to.)

The solution:

Since the action editor can only be used with armatures, we can actually use this to our advantage. What we can do is use Drivers on the shape key and attach it to a non-deformation bone in our armature that will then control the shape keys value.

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