What is is an all in one service aimed at beginners to help them learn the open source 3D software Blender, with bite-sized incremental structured lesson plans. 

The website will be dedicated to helping you learn Blender in an easy to understand and more effective way. One of the biggest problems with learning Blender nowadays is the amount of resources spread out everywhere. Instead of searching through 100's of YouTube videos trying to work out how to use the software for yourself, Blender Tutorials walks you through the content in a step by step fashion with a lot of supporting materials to help you in your 3D journey.

Is this a course?

Not really. While courses are a part of the service, they are more an accompaniment to a greater whole. The idea of Blender Tutorials is to provide a portal of activities that you can complete and be rewarded for (that is right, rewarded! I believe that learning should be rewarded, this is one of the ways to incentivize you to find enjoyment in your studies and to help you put your knowledge into long term memory).

What will be included in the Service?

- Level System

- Lessons

- Courses

- Quizzes

- Rewards

- Resources
Blender Quiz for Learning
As you might spot, this sounds like a very gamified experience. And you would be right. Enjoyment, fun and engagement contributes to more thorough learning. Reward yourself with a reward for a little pick-me-up after a long day of study.

What is a Level System?

Blender Structured Lesson Plans
The Level system is a way to pace users experience on the site. A level can only be achieved by expending tokens. These tokens are earned by doing pre-requisite quizzes and completing all the Lesson content associated with that level.

Why a Levelling System?

Not only does it provide a way to pace your learning and insure that you are working on appropriate content, it also is a really fun way to and cathartic to unlock a new level. This cathartic nature is meant to help in making the service provide a positive experience and make you enjoy learning. It also gives you an aim to work towards.

Oftentimes failure to learn content can be attributed to an unclear approach or aim. The levels aim to remedy this by providing you with a concrete path for you to start your journey in 3D

Why 'us' vs 'Another Course'

The days of using expensive tools and high-priced learning materials to become proficient in complex tools like Blender are over. There are so many courses out there it can be difficult to decide which to pursue.

Not anymore.

To be successful, Blender users must learn quickly and at minimal cost. That is why I have launched Blender Tutorials; To provide high-quality tutorials and training for Blender at an affordable price. We are the best way for beginners to learn Blender to create 3D art.

Everything you will need to begin your journey into the world of 3D and develop as an artist will be taught on Blender Tutorials. Whether you want to create assets for games or perhaps create advertisements for your products, Blender Tutorials can teach you. This is because we focus less on how to achieve a specific look or effect and instead focus on core skills in context to specific tasks.

For example, where some courses might teach you to sculpt a human, Blender Tutorials will teach you the core skills and concepts to create anything you can imagine. - We focus on skills.

Now that said, we also focus on techniques. This is what is known as courses in Blender Tutorials, and is included with your subscription. Courses are more niche content aimed at either expanding upon content or showing cool techniques that you can use to help speed up your 3D workflow.

Early Access Sale

Why Early Access?

We are excited to offer early access to our unique service, While the service already offers a good number of lessons and courses, it is not yet complete. By joining early access, you can take advantage of a substantial discount off the final price.

As an early access member, your feedback is greatly appreciated, and you can help shape the future of the service. We are currently working on Blender Tutorials V2, which will include new features such as Quests and Shortcuts, along with additional content.

Blender Tutorials V2 represents a significant step up in technology, and we plan to launch it later this year. Don't miss out on this opportunity to be part of something great and join early access today!


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