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"I often see students who can copy YouTube tutorials, but they can't take the lessons learnt and apply it to their own projects. BlenderTutorials.org aims to remedy this with structured lesson plans that encourage experimentation and free thought."
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Learn more with our quizzes, these will help solidify your knowledge.

Our structured lesson plans help new users by offering a range of activities per course. This ensures that learning is a fun and fluid expirence while also and being highly engaging. You will find yourself learning more than ever before.

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Step 1 - Download Blender

The first step is to download and install Blender from the Blender.org website. Make sure that you install the latest build. Should you want to keep you version of Blender up to date automatically, then I suggest installing it via Steam.

Step 2 - Sign up to Blender Tutorials

Sign up to our website and get access to amazing courses. Learn at your own pace and get results fast.

You will first be asked to create an account. You can create an account using an email or by linking a social account such as Google or Facebook. 

Then you will automatically be directed to confirm your order.

Step 3 - Memorise content with quizzes.

Upon gaining access to our vast library of lessons. Take your time to work through them. 

Take the quizzes that come with the courses to ensure that that you are memorising the content. We have put together fun and engaging quizzes to help with the learning process. 

Don't have any experience? No Worries!

Our courses take you through the content step by step. We look at all the elements and techniques that Blender has to offer. And we do so via bite size lessons accompanied by quizzes. This course structure helps to reinforce long term learning.   

Explore different areas of the 3D pipeline

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Here are testimonials from some of our past clients about the knowledge behind these tutorials.

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"If you are serious about learning Blender... Highly recommend his services! THANK YOU"

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"It was an overall great experience and I felt like every second I learnt something new. I was very satisfied with the end result and all that I Iearnt."


"A well spoken and knowledgeable professional..."


"Patient and knowledgeable tutor, highly recommended."
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The difference between this learning tool vs others is that we focus on teaching you how to get your results rather than the results of others.

You deserve to take control of your e-learning.  These courses will guide you from knowing nothing at all about Blender and 3D to being able to use the tools for anything you put your mind to.

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Our courses can help you learn blender fast with little to no prior training, saving you precious time.

Course Quizzes

Every course includes quizzes to help you memorise the content. Get marks on what you know and see where you could still improve.  With our memory enhancing quizzes you will see yourself memorising more with every lesson unlike other tutorials, that expect you to memorise the content in your time.

Hundreds of Lessons

Learn everything there is to know about Blender with our hundreds of lessons that go into detail about every facet of the software.

Go Beyond the Software

Learn how to become a better 3D artist. We will look at core concepts of design and character through out the lessons on Blender.

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