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Blender Cycles Render by Hayden Falzon

Why we are different

Structured Lesson Plans

Blender Structured Lesson Plans's unique progression system is custom built for users to get a sense of progress and direction.

Beginner Friendly Content

Beginner Friendly blender tutorials
Starting something new can be a daunting task for all. That is why is specifically built with beginners in mind.

Game Based Learning

Blender Quiz for Learning
All of our courses and levels rely on a game based learning system. Have fun while learning!

streamline your learning

"I often see students who can copy YouTube tutorials, but they can't take the lessons learnt and apply it to their own projects. aims to remedy this with structured lesson plans that encourage experimentation and free thought with a reward based environment."
- Hayden Falzon | Founder of
About Us

Learn Blender faster with a quiz based approach to testing knowledge.

Our structured lesson plans help new users by offering a range of activities that will reward you with tokens that you can use to level up your account or spend in the store. 

This ensures that learning is a fun and fluid experience while also being highly engaging. 

You will find yourself learning more than ever before.
Learn More with blender quizzes to test your knowledge

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How to get started with learning Blender


Step 1 - Download Blender

The first step is to download and install Blender from the website. Make sure that you install the latest build. Should you want to keep you version of Blender up to date automatically, then I suggest installing it via Steam.
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Step 2 - Sign up to Blender Tutorials

Sign up to our website and get access to amazing courses. Learn at your own pace and get results fast.

You will first be asked to create an account. You can create an account using an email or by linking a social account such as Google or Facebook. 

Then you will automatically be directed to confirm your order.

Step 3 - Progress through a Structured Lesson plan.

Upon gaining access to our vast library of lessons. Take your time to work through them. 

Level up your account so you can reach the top of the Leader boards. 

Take the quizzes that come with the courses to ensure that that you are memorising the content. We have put together fun and engaging quizzes to help with the learning process. 
structured blender lesson plans
structured blender lesson plans

Don't have any experience? No Worries!

Our courses take you through the content step by step. We look at all the elements and techniques that Blender has to offer. And we do so via bite size lessons accompanied by quizzes. This course structure helps to reinforce long term learning.   

Where will your 3D journey take you?

Learn about the different use's of Blender. From particle simulation to sculpting characters and how to use Blender with other popular software as part of a design ecosystem

But don't just take our word for it

Here are testimonials from some of our past clients about the knowledge behind these tutorials.


"Extremely helpful! Excellent teacher!"

- Nsuriano

5 Stars

Client on: Fiverr®

"Best teacher there is. I couldn't be more than happier."

- Deji

5 Stars

Client on: Fiverr®

"Really patient teacher and is great at explaining features, methods, and suggestions."

- Aaron. M.

5 Stars

Client on: Fiverr®

"Hayden was a fantastic teacher. 5 stars!"

- Skep123

5 Stars

Client on: Fiverr®

"Hayden is an excellent teacher. He is patient, knowledgeable, and clear."

- Zack

5 Stars

Client on: Fiverr®

Over 200 Five Star Reviews

Why should you join Blender Tutorials?

The difference between this learning service vs others is that we focus on teaching you how to get your results rather than the results of others.

You deserve to take control of your e-learning.  This service will guide you from knowing nothing at all about Blender and 3D to being able to use the tools for anything you put your mind to. 

Your imagination is the limit!
NPR Render Blender EEVEE
NPR Blender EEVEE Render

What do you get with a membership?

Quick Results

Blender Structured Lesson Plans
Our courses can help you learn blender fast with little to no prior training, saving you precious time.

Level Up

Blender Quiz for Learning
As you learn you level up your profile to unlock more content, courses and activities.


Where Levels teach you core skills, Courses teach you techniques. Like how to create a sword!!!


You can unlock rewards for yourself to use in your own work, such as materials or assets!


BlenderTutorials is dedicated to teaching you Blender! There is nothing on here to distract you from that goal!

Gamified Content

As you progress you earn Tokens. These tokens represent your accumulated knowledge on the platform.

Early Access Sale

Why Early Access?

We are excited to offer early access to our unique service, While the service already offers a good number of lessons and courses, it is not yet complete. By joining early access, you can take advantage of a substantial discount off the final price.

As an early access member, your feedback is greatly appreciated, and you can help shape the future of the service. We are currently working on Blender Tutorials V2, which will include new features such as Quests and Shortcuts, along with additional content.

Blender Tutorials V2 represents a significant step up in technology, and we plan to launch it later this year. Don't miss out on this opportunity to be part of something great and join early access today!


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Limited Blender Tokens
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Lesson Plans
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15 day money-back guarantee

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Frequently Asked Questions

Blender Tutorials is a tool, not a course. Our services include; Quizzes, Tests, Levelling, Lesson plans as well as Courses. Making it one of the most complete solutions to learning Blender. It is also continuously being updated with new content. For more info check out our roadmap.
Everyone learns at a different rate. But will help you achieve learning Blender faster by encouraging you to truly learn the system in-and-out.
No, is not affiliated with or the Blender Foundation. This service was created by a huge Blender nerd and user who wanted to help others struggling to learn the software. This service is different from other courses, and aims to help users struggling to learn blender the traditional way.

You can read more about us in the About page. is an evolving service. This means more content is added and updated every month. (Thus a subscription model)

Currently our courses take you to a Blender Level of 15, which mean you will have a very strong foundation in polygonal modelling.

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Yes! We offer a free trial so you can test whether this service is for you. Note: Rewards and Content is limited on Free Accounts.
Free Trial
While we strive to ensure our product is great and have great faith that you will love, if you feel that our services are not for you, we have your back with a 15 day money back guarantee.

Read more in our terms of services.
All payments are processed through PayPal. Which uses a 256bit encryption or greater. What this means is that your payment information is secure and never touch's our site in compliance with PCI standards.
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